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May 20, 2014

My first Spash & Dash! It was a win!

The Pure Austin Splash & Dash organized and presented by High Five Events is a monthly swim (Splash) and run (Dash) that happens every month beginning in April through September. The swim distance is 750 meters around Quarry Lake and then 3 loops or 3 kilometers on a running trail.

I signed up to do this event for the entire season. Why? I have never done this before. Never could because it conflicted with my teaching schedule at the Y. Obviously this year, with IronMan Lake Placid training, I am making the time and it's actually on my training schedule.

The first event was last April, I was stuck in such heavy traffic that I was late to the event and could not check in and get my timing chip to participate. This worked out in the end for me as I had not eaten much all day except for a banana and some oatmeal. Oh, and I had some peanut butter crackers while sitting in trickle traffic on the way. Yeah, this was not cutting it for me because after a quick swim in the very cold water when everyone else had left, I experienced hypoglycemia as I got out of the water.

Today, I left early to make sure I arrived early. Today, I made sure I ate well. I drank my BeetElite and took my Neo40. I was on top of my asthma regimen. Today would be my first Splash & Dash ever!! Today, my asthma was not cooperating. I had been wheezing all day and had sucked on my rescue inhaler several times. Don't let my title fool you. I don't expect to win against the avid competitors. I do expect to win against myself. I expect to win against quitting. I expect myself to win against failing.

After I checked-in, I got in the water for a warm up swim. The water was cold but not uncomfortable. My breathing was a quite challenged. My exhales were very short so I could not get much air on the inhale. I got out of the water and got a little dizzy. This got me very worried. I was actually afraid something would happen to me while in the water. I almost didn't want to go through with it. I did a quick 1k warm up run and got back in the water for another quick swim hoping for an improvement in my breathing. It worked!! I was breathing better. It wasn't optimal but it was better than when I first got in. It was a win!

At race start, I stayed waaay back in the end! I didn't want to be around flailing limbs, adding anxiety and making my breathing worse. While I was swimming, all I thought about was sighting and swimming to the first buoy. There was a moment when I did think about quitting but the first buoy was upon me so that thought was quickly replaced by sight and swim to the second buoy. My goggles started to fog up but I could still see the third buoy so I just kept plugging along and soon I was sighting towards the fourth buoy. The Roaring Fork was up next because I could smell smoke. Ugh!! Smells good but not so good for my uber sensitive lungs. But I'm almost to the last buoy so I try to push even if I really can't. The end of the swim is near and I swim as far as I can before attempting to touch the ground. Success! I'm in the shallows and I'm done. It was a win!

Next up was a 3k run. I took my time in transition because I was dizzy while putting my shoes on. I actually had to sit down on the ground because I couldn't balance. I walked up the treacherous hill and then ran my first loop at a moderate pace and slowly increased my speed. The trail surface is not my favorite. The gravel is slippery and there are parts where it's so deep and soft like sand that your foot gets sucked up when you step on the ground. I started to hear myself wheezing after the first loop but I was determined not to stop. I finished in 39:52. The winner in the women's division completed it in 22:16. I was in the bottom half of the group but it was still a win! I completed my first S&D, it was a win!

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